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Some of our recent clients

Some of our recent work

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Supporting trade relationships

We have been working with this food manufacturer since 2010 on a programme of projects designed to return a stagnant category to growth across the top four UK grocers.

Bayer Garden

Bayer Garden wanted to better understand the dynamics of the plant feeding market and optimise performance of its long-established brands across different channels.

Footwear Retailer

This research was required to provide shopper-evidence to support a new approach to visual merchandising that was being trialled in Europe.

Supporting trade relationships

Research was required to firstly identify what needed to change, and subsequently to support the development of potential solutions.

Across the programme we have used a range of qualitative methodologies: accompanied shopping trips to see the category through the shoppers eyes; intercepts at fixture to test new ideas in-store; focus groups to expose the trade teams to the shopper perspective.

With over 15 projects completed, we have covered three key stages: EXPLORE to identify the category triggers and barriers at the start of the programme; DEVELOP to test and tweak potential solutions based on the barriers identified; and REVIEW to ensure the changes were driving a shift in shopper perceptions of the category. At each stage we delivered both the overview of the category as well as the account specific details that allowed tailored planning with our clients key customers.

As a result our client is now a valued category partner for their customers, and recognised to be an expert in understanding the category shoppers.

"This research has given us the clarity to make big decisions internally, but also to encourage a positive dialogue with our customers that drives real change at the fixture."" Category Manager

Bayer Garden

TLC for plants.

An extensive research programme was undertaken to address all elements of the shopper’s plant feeding journey: from acknowledging the need to feed and motivations, through to brand perceptions, retailer choices and purchase decision-making.

We kicked off with a large online study amongst feeders and non-feeders to explore common approaches and, using multivariate cluster analysis, to identify a range of consumer typologies for category and brand targeting. Building on these firm foundations we moved to a detailed diagnostic stage: firstly in the form of category clinics providing a deeper investigation into the opportunities Bayer had to strengthen its range. We then added the store perspective – going on real shopping trips with feeders to uncover triggers and barriers at POP, unlocking the opportunities in this space.

Working closely with stakeholders, we reviewed what we’d learnt along the way, ensuring every new phase of investigation took us closer to a clear and viable solution for the business. This all culminated in a full day immersion workshop with senior decision-makers, facilitated by one of our consultant associates who specialises in creating category visions and helping organisations embed shopper insight into business strategy. A lively and challenging session succeeded in identifying key commercial challenges, as well as sharpening the appetite to tackle them!

Learnings from this research are now helping to shape the strategic brand plans, inspiring compelling category initiatives to present to key trade partners.

Footwear Retailer

Research was required to provide shopper-evidence to support a new approach to visual merchandising being trialled in Europe, with the research being conducted in London and Paris.

Using accompanied shopping trips we visited an existing and a trial store with our shoppers, as well as observing actual shoppers in-store and interviewing store staff.

The trial stores used a colourway approach, such that male, female, and unisex products were ranged together. Our research showed this created a barrier early in the purchase process for shoppers using gender as the starting point of the purchase journey in-store. So whilst colourway was visually eyecatching and an excellent approach for highlighting breadth and depth of range, it failed to support the typical purchase process. This was in direct contrast to the brand’s experience in its heartland markets, where shoppers are more versed with the brand’s unisex proposition and appeal.

As a result the brand is now re-working their store design templates to incorporate the positive communication opportunities demonstrated by the trial stores, whilst ranging products in a way that delivers ease of shop.

“The learning’s and recommendations have made a large impact on our thinking in terms of visual merchandising and brand communication within our retail stores. The Shoppercentric team with their great experience and super-efficient and friendly work style have made the project a pleasure.” Clara Dooley, Brand Manager